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Business hours
Monday to Saturday
Ticket Price
Admission fee
NT 100 / person
Schedule a visit
For group VIPS, please make an appointment and confirm with the museum before 7 days.
Visitors with 15 or more visitors can provide regular guided tours.
Reservation method:
1. Fill out the appointment form onlineField content and submit.
2. Call for appointment, service hotline +886-7761151, can arrange personal tours.
Precautions A minimum of 15 people are required to book a group
VIPS are kindly requested to inform the museum 3 days before the change of the itinerary in order to reschedule the reception service details.
If the VIP is delayed for more than 10 minutes, the museum reserves the right to cancel the tour service.
The library will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the details of the related reception service, and the appointment will be completed.
Experience itinerary
AHarvest Festival 100 yuan (each person can bring back a bag of vegetables) 30 minutes
(Harvesting experience)
BThick mud I thick 100 yuan (each person can bring back a bag of vegetables) 30 minutes
(Understanding Organic Soil)
CYiguo style 250 yuan (each person can bring back a can of green sauce) 30 minutes
(Green sauce DIY)
DMosquito repellent horse 150 yuan (each person can bring back a bottle of balm) 30 minutes
(Citronella Balm Making)