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shopping process

payment method

At present, there are two methods of "transfer and remittance" and "cash on delivery".

Please remit the entire amount of your order to the following bank account:
Beneficiary: Jiahe Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.
Bank Name: (006) Cooperative Bank
Bank branch: Banten branch
Account Number: 5827-717-809572

When you complete the remittance, you can contact us by email, phone, fax or LINE (e-mail: / phone: 0932809060 / fax: 08-7763145) to confirm your payment, please also save your Remittance receipt and order number for future inquiry.

Cash on delivery requires an additional handling fee of 30 yuan
Freight calculation

Except for special event descriptions, if the total amount of room temperature products ordered exceeds NT $ 1,000 (inclusive), free shipping is not required.
Under NT $ 1,000, consumers will need to pay NT $ 150 for shipping, and NT $ 250 for refrigerated and frozen.