fertilizerSolid-Use plant-based fertilizers such as castor meal, rice bran, soybeans, etc. as basic fertilizers.
Liquid-Uses lemongrass, left-hand incense, eucalyptus, aromatic marigold and other materials grown by the farm as its own material, and uses the microbial extraction method to make liquid fertilizer as a natural liquid fertilizer that supplements nutrition.
seedNon-genetically modified
Seed by yourself (mostly) -nine-story tower, okra, sweet potato leaves, etc.
Imported from Japan (small part) -Komatsuko and green pineapple of Cruciferae.
The seedlings of the banana fruit tree come from the tissue culture seedlings of the Banana Institute.
Water sourceFrom the waters of the Xiu Xi under the Dawu Mountain, the water source is clear, rich and non-polluting underground springs, which are uninterrupted all year round.